I can make music out of anything







It’s hard not to smile at the work of L.A.-based performance artist and music maker Fresh Big Mouf.  As a child music prodigy who never took himself too seriously, what happens to the clever, quick-witted, sometimes outlandish music nerd when he grows up?  He makes fun, professionally.  And with serious results – 1 billion views of his work to date.  He’s all about using social media to connect with his audience and other collaborators to create new and unique videos– showcasing his nerdiness in applying everyday technology (an iPhone) to create something amazing.

His best-known series, BEAT SCOUT, shows him making music out of…anything!  From sailboats to taco trucks to burger joints to who knows?, Fresh Big Mouf takes the sounds he finds and makes your favorite songs.  His work has attracted some of youtube’s biggest personalities who want to collaborate and share in the magic of BEAT SCOUT.

His BEAT SCOUT version of Lorde’s “Royal” was featured on the Grammys!  He was invited to the Google Emerging Artist Conference as one of 6 artists that YouTube and Google+ are working to build.  Also invited to Apple HQ in Cupertino, Lenovo and more to present Beat Scout.  Beat Scout has generated over 9 million views to date despite the fact that Fresh Big Mouf began BEAT SCOUT with no youtube following.  He’s also been involved in hush hush talks with Intel, Kia Motors, Toyota, and GM to name a few, making music both behind the scenes and on camera in their commercials, ad campaigns and public media stunts.

Lately, Fresh Big Mouf has been hard at work in the studio, releasing his debut album Taco Boom Box.  Calling his music Art Pop, FBM has every song in a different color of musical paint – nostalgic hip hop, garbage industrial, schmalzy electronic, lazy motown – escapism that invites the listener to emotional ground zero.  Fresh Big Mouf emerges from there dripping with vulnerability and asking the question, is there anyone out there who feels what he’s feeling?  Critics seem to think so.  Fader Magazine wrote “it has a certain visceral allure that will draw you in like a moth to flame.”